Commercial Building Painting in Boise, ID

Exterior commercial painting in boise  idaho
When you choose to hire Fernando’s Painting and Media Blasting to paint the exterior of your commercial building, you choose to boost the curb appeal of your business. For more information, including the cost to paint the exterior of a commercial building, call us at (208) 713-0752.

Exterior Commercial Painting Services

Boost curb appeal with our paint and restoration process
Deciding to paint the exterior of your commercial building is an investment that will pay off in a huge way. The way people perceive your business or apartment complex starts with the overall appearance of your product, logo, employees, office buildings, and living spaces. You can tell a lot about a business just by looking at the condition of the building. We will help you find the best interior and exterior paint colors for your buildings, as well as other structures, such as handrails and stairs to make sure things are in the absolute best condition possible.

Our media blasting technique will smooth out the surface of your building’s exterior before we apply paint. We will be sure to use whatever media will work best for the corrosion we see and for the type of material your building is made of to provide a smooth, clean surface. Our mobile media blasting works on many types of surfaces, and we are always sure to do a careful and thorough job to ensure the best quality canvas for your new paint. We also provide pressure washing for cleaning concrete stairs and other areas. 
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Our Exterior Paint Services include:

  • Professional, efficient service
  • Preparation work to clean the surface, including media blasting and power washing
  • Timely painting
  • Clean up to leave your business looking clean and attractive
  • Anything else that needs to be done, including fence staining, driveway cleaning, and other tenant improvement projects for apartment buildings

At Fernando’s, we get the job done right the first time.

If you’re looking for a paint restoration painting company in Boise that will provide you with quality work, call Fernando’s Painting and Media blasting at (208) 713-0752 today or contact us online to set up your appointment for commercial paint services!
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